3 star holiday
Fischerwirt Waldspa

3 star holiday

A holiday for the senses... At the Fischerwirt Country Hotel

Enjoy warm, Austrian hospitality in our family-run Fischerwirt Hotel in the mountains of the Salzkammergut. Your holiday with us in Faistenau, in the Fuschlsee region of the Salzburger Land, will become an unforgettable experience.


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Enjoy blissful holidays, personal care by Fischerwirt team, the warm
hospitality and the many, loving touches...

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The things that will make your holiday with us so unforgettable are described here. Take a few moments out and immerse yourself in the lovingly tended Fischerwirt world.

Welcome to the 3 Star Fischerwirt Country Hotel

The best holiday is the one that passes only too quickly. People who don't yet know the Fischerwirt Hotel in Faistenau only have the anticipatory pleasure of spending the next few days in the magnificent Fuschlsee region with the enchanting Salzburger Land panorama. Anyone who has already been a guest of ours at the Fischerwirt knows that the holiday magic also continues inside the 4 walls of this 3 star hotel.

Our Fischerwirt Hotel is special above all due to the simple things: is it the smiles of our family and staff? Is it the loving attention to detail that every guest becomes part of? Or is it the happy atmosphere in which young and old, big and small find a piece of home? Probably a little bit of everything.

We look forward to your visit in the Fischewirt Hotel in Faistenau!

The Salzkammergut holiday region

The Salzkammergut and, in particular, the Fuschlsee region at Faistenau provide great variety not only in summer but also in winter. In summer there is swimming to be had in the Hintersee, a natural bathing lake; fun in and on the water from canyoning in the Strub gorge or from driving an electric boat on the Fuschlsee. Amateur and competitive anglers can enjoy a fishing holiday here and sporty types will get their money's worth with all the walking, cycling, climbing, tennis or golf on offer.

On the pistes in the Salzkammergut or snowtubing, toboganning etc., winter sports fans will find the ultimate in fun in the snow. Visits to thermal springs in the surrounding area, a visit to the city of Salzburg with its beautiful old town and many museums ensure a full bad weather programme. Family trips are also well catered for with Salzwelten ["Salt Worlds"] in Hallein, the indoor playground in Köstendorf or the Europark in Salzburg.

A holiday in the Salzkammergut has something for everyone: whether it be a family holiday, a holiday with your partner, pensioners' holiday, cultural holiday, sport holiday, group holiday, ...