The Hotel's Philosphy
The Hotel's Philosphy

The Hotel's Philosphy

"We want to give people zest for life"

Zest for life is what we all want to give our guests, and contented guests are our motivation - pleasure is reflected back to us in beaming smiles.

We are enthusiastic in our work in our business. With new ideas, charm and heart we are responsive to your wishes and needs. This is why our hotel philosophy is:

We would like not only to make our guests contented - but enthuse them as well. It is nice,  that our staff and the host family, right down to the youngest, Peter and Andi, happily work daily at making this true.

At Fischerwirt we would not only like to give you unforgettable days full of beautiful experiences but also provide you with an atmosphere deriving from loving attentivness.

Our vision

We endeavour continually to improve the standard and quality of our hotel. Spoiling you with many special little things, which will make your holiday at the Fischerwert full of pleasant experiences; this is at one and the same time our very own challenge as well as our strength. You are to experience happy times with cheerful people - feel at home and look forward to every day of your holiday and the next whilst being spoiled. You decide how to shape your holiday: relaxing, lazing, feasting, walking, being active. A good cuisine, good service and beautiful rooms are standard.

Enjoy your holidays at the Fischerwirt – far away from the everyday - a feast for all the senses. Quite simply – with heart, time and love for detail.

Success depends on the quality, warmth, ability to communicate and enthusiasm of the staff.

Our aim

Not only to meet the expectations of our guests but even to surpass these. For everything that exceeds expectations is quality.