The history of the hotel & timeline
The history of the hotel & timeline

The history of the hotel & timeline

Family operation with history, tradition, charm & heart

Ideas - dreams - visions are what our grandparents had as early as the beginning of the 60s when they found they could follow their dream career as "hotelkeepers". Enthusiasm is infectious and gives wings, they set an example to their children and grandchildren.

Anna and Rudolf Ebner took over the former public house in 1963 and, little by little, realised their dreams of a family-run hotel, their family operation. In 2003 it was then time to pass on the family operation to the "young ones". Thanks to the active assistance of parents and siblings Marietta and Rudi were able to realise their life dream piece by piece.

Guests, who have already spent their holidays with Granny Anni and Granpa Rudi, still like coming to the Fischerwirt today and it is a particular delight for us as hosts when the children and grandchildren of these regular guests also find their way to us again and again.

A lot has been built in the last 3 decades - but we are particularly thankful and proud that today we are, just as then, a family and have staff, who with hard work, heart and enthusiasm ensure that our guests feel so much at home.

... directly on the shores of the Hintersee - the origins of the Fischerwirt...with farming and properties by the lake, own butchery,  skittle alley and terrace on stilts built on the lake...


Ideas - dreams - visions: these our forefathers already had...

  • 1928   
    The family's previous guest house burned to the ground as the result of a short circuit and was rebuilt the same year by our grandfather.
    In the years to follow a waterworks was constructed on the Hintersee. The resulting lowering of the water level had a disastrous effect on the guesthouse as, because of this, on a crystal clear starry winter night in 1932 the whole property...
  • slid
    into the lake.
    After which there was a prohibition on building all around the Hintersee. The neighbouring houses had to be demolished and rebuilt in their current locations.
  • 1932 - 1937  
    The neighbours from Seereit-Bauern warmly took our grandparents in and provided them with accommodation. In the farmer's parlour there our grandfather had the opportunity of starting up his hospitality business again and opened a bar for the locals.  
  • 1937   
    is when our grandparents Friedrich and Rosina Ebner began on building up the "New Fischerwirt" with farm on the current plot of the Fischerwirt Hotel in Vordersee  (Hinterseestrasse 101) and ran this as a small guest house.
    ... "from little acorns..." and you could even get a little nostalgic if you look at old postcards and photographs of the past and some of the first to understand the signs of the new age were our parents and they began to expand the guesthouse.
  • 1963   
    The dining room was built on as an extension and a floor with bedrooms added.
  • 1965   
    After the wedding of our parents Rudolf and Anna Ebner the guesthouse was handed over to them. From this year onwards the pair were able to realise their dreams, little by little, of their own hotel with stars.
  • 1974   
    The main building was extended upwards by 3 floors this year. In following years more and more renovations were undertaken and also completed, to and in, the hotel.
  • 2003   
    Handover of the operation to the "youngsters" Rudi and Marietta Ebner.
  • 2004   
    The extension involving the addition on top of the dining room took place.
  • 2007   
    The rear part of our hotel was completely re-designed.

  • 2010/2011  
    Further extensions and modernisations take place to the main building
    and a tower is added.

  • 2014
    Renovation and redesign of the hotel entrance

A lot of building work has gone on in these last few decades, a lot has changed, but one thing has remained the same: our pleasure in our profession and in our family business and we are epecially thankful and proud that today, just like then, we are able to please our guests, and contented guests are our motivation - pleasure is reflected back to us in beaming smiles.